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#1. Q) When did you join the MaSTW, and why?

A: I Joined December 14 2009 and the reason I joined was that Travix Man asked me if I wanted to join and I did.

#2. Q) What inspired to be MaSTW

A: Don’t know .

#3. Q) How would you feel if you were an admin?

A: AWESOME!!!!!!!!

#4. Q) How do you feel the MaSTW could be improved?

A: A better background.

#5. Q) Who are your friends on the MaSTW and any wiki?

A: Travix Man and Genesjs.

#6. Q) Who's your favorite character(s) from the two series of all time?

A: Shadow the Hedgehog.

#7. Q) What hero character(s) do you feel you are most like?

A: I would have to say Sonic I like speed and I hate water.

#8. Q) Villain character(s) you think you're most like?

A: Metal Sonic don’t know why I think I am most like him I just feel it.

#9. Q) How do you feel about recent games, and games yet to come?

A: Awesome the New Super Mario Bro Wii is awesome.

#10. Q) Which character(s) do you most want to see get a solo game?

A: Metal Sonic to show his back story from after Sonic Heroes.

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The end of the year draws near as it goes torwards New years day. We hope to make this wiki, a bright future. Bye!!! Travix M. Travix Man as a hedgehog 14:08, December 19, 2009 (UTC)